Bobby K. Kalotee appointed as Special Liaison for the South Asia

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 @ 10:57PM

USA. Chairman Bobby K. Kalotee earned another Prestigious Ambassadorship to his List of Achievements. H.E. President Joyce Banda of Republic of Malawi honors A Prominent Indian American with Special Envoy Liaison for Malawi to Represent South Asian Countries specifically India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Bobby is often called as the most respected Son of Punjab India, and is also known as the Peoples Person Indeed to every community in US from different walks of Life.

A Famous NFL Player and friend of Bobby, Jack Brewer, Senior Advisor to H.E President Joyce Banda read the Letter of Appointment. The President of Malawi Quoted “Bobby’s goal will be to facilitate relationships and make improvements in the area of Agriculture in Malawi”.

President said Bobby will be the bridge to fill the gap between Malawi and South Asian Countries. It’s an endeavor to rebuilt Malawi’s economy. Government of Malawi has instituted a recovery program called Malawi Economic Recovery program (ERP). This is an economic road map that’s has identified 5 strategic sectors that collectively constitute the driver of the Economic Recovery Process, President added Malawi being an Agro Based economy, agriculture is at heart of the Program as it seeks to fully commercialize and indurtliaze the sector. President is confident that Bobby will utilize the knowledge he gained growing up in the farmland of Punjab India (Punjab is known to be the bread basket of India)

President directed to all the embassies of Malawi in South Asian Region to assist Bobby in achieving our goals for the best interest of Malawian’s.

Bobby very  humbly and graciously accepted this honor which The President, The People, and, The Government of Malawi have bestowed on him. Bobby said I will devote and work hard to assist and help Malawi to achieve the Goals of President’s intiatives.  I ask all my fellow South Asians to humbly join me in this humanitarian effort to empower the People of Malawi in the field of agriculture. Just as Punjab has become the agricultural pinnacle of India, so shall we make it a priority to show the people of Malawi to achieve the same. Bobby Firmly Believes that Malawi can be the Bread basket of south east Africa, similar to his native state Punjab, which is also known as bread basket of 1.2 Billion Indians.

At the evening of the event, General Tarkin who is National Commanding Officer of  US Disaster Relef Command was among one of the Chief Guest along with Baba Kashmira Singh ( Jallandhar Punjab). He Quoted that in his 40 + years of Army service, he has never met an American who has done as much as what Bobby did for his adopted motherland USA.

NYC Public Adovcate Bill DeBlasio was guest of Honor, said I admire Bobby on numerous aspects of his life achievements. Such as to become a National Chairman of Political Party is USA which is not as simple as can appear, specially for a person who was born and raised in foreign Country.

The Fuction was attendsed by over 400 People representing over 20 different countries. Pastor Dr. Reyes who represent Congrestion of South American Churches, spoke and quoted that Bobby  has assembled Team of over 100’s of  Doctors from US, and took them to Villages of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Other South American countries. To helped those less fortunate where their Own Government have not been able to treat them. Bobby who is from India, but he has helped people in Central America and Africa.

There were over prominent 25 Leaders from different Communities who spoke at the Podium and echoed similar feelings, How Bobby has helped them and or their communities. At time crises for example Earthquake in Haiti, India, Northern Pakistan. Famine in Rawanda and Malawi, Floods in Bangladesh, Bobby took Containers of Clothes, Food, Blankets, Medicine, Tents and Basic Items for Kids at the time of their needs.

For the Last 15 years  Bobby has been working as a Co-Chair for Toy for Tots with US Marine Core, collecting and delvering Toys to the Thousands of Kids. Every Year the Toys for Tots have grown and past year this have surpassed over millions Toys.

As well Bobby has delived Thousands of Toys to Kids in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras every year. Bobby has similar program for the Kids Hospital, since Bobby rembered not having Any Single Toy during his Childhood.

Bobby survived a severe jaundience when he was 14 yr old and not having any family member next to him during those painful days, Yet he remembers people kindness to this date and give thanks to the God for giving him the ability to serve the humanity in kindness.

Bobby shared his thoughts, that since he never had  formal education, he has higest regard for those who were able to receive formal advanced education. However, the education he received on the streets surpassed any degree, he could have obtained in school.

Bobby also spearheaded and led a Team of Prominent NRI from NY Region, and launched 1st India Day Parade to celebrate India’s Independence. Bobby who is also Trustee of Baba Kashimira Singh Charitable Trust, where hundred of thousand patients get treatment at No Charge.


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