First South Asian to run for LT Governor NYS

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 @ 12:35AM

Sapient Party's press conference and rally was held Monday, September 8th, 2014 in New York City at South Street Seaport aboard the ZEPHYR sponsored and supported by many celebrity athletes and Jack Brewer Foundation.

This rally was in support of the state wide candidates for the newly formed Sapient Party. Candidates for the Governor Steve Cohn and for Lt. Governor Bobby K. Kalotee for the State of New York arrived together at the venue, to meet and greet enthusiastic cheering supporters. Once they made their way through the crowd on the boat they were welcomed by volunteers, friends and family.

With many celebrities in attendance, the kickoff event started by the host Jack Brewer, who is a former NFL player for Giants, Viking and Eagles.  Some of the stars who were present  from the; NY JETS Jeff Cumberland and Jeremy Kerley, NY Knicks Tim Hardaway Jr., Denver Broncos Darrell Reid and Philadelphia 76ers John Askew.

He introduced his friend for last 10 years, and now Lt. Governor candidate Bobby K Kalotee by saying, I am here to support Bobby and Steve because they care for all the people irrespective of who they are or where they came from. Jack said, “I have worked with Bobby on many charitable missions such as taking doctors to Central America, Haiti or Malawi to treat the undeserved population. We had also provided relief in times of disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and floods in El Salvador and Guatemala”.

Bobby thanked Jack, for his kind introduction and friendship. He also thanked other celebrities, supporters and volunteers  who worked very hard bringing the Sapient Party to this success of being on the Ballot. Bobby said, “this is history in the making”. He then introduced his friend for over 20 years and now running mate for New York state; Gubernatorial candidate  Steve Cohn. They jointly discussed the platform of the party and how they can better serve the state of New York. They spoke about Sapient Party’s principles and stressed the importance of the true belief in America and Americans first. Steve said that this platform of the Sapient Party will ensure a better today than yesterday, and we will make tomorrow the best. He wants New Yorkers to be able to get a better job and achieve the American dream. This is only possible, if all the New Yorkers who care for better New York and better America, come out and vote on November 4th on Row H.

Bobby added, that the Sapient party will be the voice of the people because we are inclusive of all not exclusive of any. He also mentioned when a voter chooses a public servant he or she should not become a public boss, because of the trust New Yorkers bestowed in them. The reality is many of our public servants become public bosses. They forget they made a promise to serve as a public servant.

Bobby and Steve’s closing remarks were, “let us all work together so that we can make a difference for a better tomorrow for the state of New York. “The Party of Wisdom” people first.

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