The All American Political Party Says Yes!

Yes! It is possible to have a strong, independent, effective voice in our political process, at the national, state and local levels. That voice is the Sapient Pary USA, the third largest political party in America.

All you have to do is look at what is happening in Washington and in our state capitals to see that the two-party system of government in our great democracy is broken. Where do unbalanced budgets, high taxes and bloated bureaucracies come from? We all know the answer, because it’s just common sense – they come from a deeply entrenched two-party system that consistently looks out for itself, at the expense of good, decent, ordinary citizens.

That’s where the Sapient Pary USA comes into the picture. We are a truly open, responsive, grassroots organization, with a presence in every state. The mission of our independent political movement is to give voice to the issues, hopes and aspirations of hard-working citizens, too often lost in the “wheeling and dealing” of the two-party system — and the lobbyists and corporate big shots who feed on that system.

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