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An individual or a group of individuals advocating for an idea, a law or a major change in any kind of system – whether it is political, social, economic or other – is an important influential factor that can have a major impact on the outcome of a situation. Advocacy includes many activities over a wide range of fields and has the ability of having various goals. A group of individuals can advocate for animal rights outside an animal shelter, others may advocate stopping the cruelty of people towards minorities or disallowing major corporations from tearing down forests in order to make way for their office buildings. Advocacy takes many forms. It can come to question the leadership and the administration of policies, they take concern with problematic issues of society and target political systems and propose solutions to benefit both sides of a conversation. Budget advocacy, bureaucratic, legislative or health advocacy are some of the most wide-spread forms of activism. Public speaking, lobbying, media campaigns, commissioning and publishing research are some of the weapons of advocacy. Activists target countries, cities, crowds in an effort to promote the things they passionately believe in and that come as just and good alternatives to whatever is going on in the world. Those who chose to advocate for a cause do so with every bit of information in mind. They do research and give many hours of their life to make sure their ideas and principles work in favor of society and in favor of those they are trying to help. Advocacy is a strong weapon against injustice in the world and a tool to promote and encourage many to do good things and aim for something better. It unites people and gives them a cause to believe in and fight for. By advocating for something a lot of wrongs can be made right and many things can be corrected in the world.

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